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Final Details on Movie Maniacs 4

This has been something of a tumultuous year with Movie Maniacs, what with the lineup changing after Toy Fair (Jason X out, Freddy Krueger: Second Edition in) and small changes made to the existing figures.

With that in mind, here's a rundown on the final Movie Maniacs IV lineup for 2001:

T-800 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day
This figure is shipping with one head, the battle-damaged unit. Standing 7 1/8 inches tall, T-800 has 11 points of articulation. He also includes a grenade launcher, a removable grenade-laden bandoleer, a pistol and removable sunglasses.

T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day
This figure is 6 7/8 inches tall with 11 points of articulation. The blister contains two separate torsos: the bullet-riddled one and the exploded version, each with a different head attached. The bullet-riddled torso also has two accessory arms (hook and spear) that are interchangeable with the human-style arms. T-1000 also includes a pistol, gunbelt and walkie talkie.

This unique creation - Todd's vision of the unseen Blair Witch character - will be released with two different head sculpts and two different torsos. Both will be covered by a shroud in the packaging, so it will be difficult to tell which version is which until it's removed from the blister. Plans call for a 50-50 production run split on the figure, so neither will be more rare than the other. Blair Witch is 6 13/16 inches tall with seven articulation points. She comes with a stickman, an axe and a bundle of sticks containing body parts.

FREDDY KRUEGER, Second Edition
This last-minute substitution came about when the Jason X movie was rescheduled until 2002; we've moved the Jason X figure back to next year's Movie Maniacs V. The new Freddy Krueger is based on 2000's 18-inch Freddy sculpt. He stands 7 1/2 inches to the top of his removable hat and has nine points of articulation.

CANDYMAN from Candyman III
No real changes on this figure. He stands 6 15/16 inches tall and has 10 points of articulation. His jacket will be molded in soft PVC, so it can be displayed closed or open to reveal his open body cavity. He also includes a cluster of bees inside the body cavity and, of course, that hook hand.

EVIL ASH from Army of Darkness
The evil version of this popular character is also the same as shown earlier. He's 7 3/8 inches tall with six articulation points. Evil Ash includes two swords, a belt and scabbard, body armor, a cape and real chains.

The 18-inch figures are pretty much the same, too. LEATHERFACE has four articulation points and a massive chainsaw.

ASH has eight joints, a shotgun, chainsaw and bionic hand. Both will have motion-activated sound, but no word yet what the sayings will be.

Finally, the JAWS deluxe boxed set. Based on the infamous boat-eating scene in Jaws, the set measures 12 1/8 inches in length and includes an articulated mini-figure that can be displayed in the shark's mouth or on the boat.

Look for the regular carded figures and 18-inchers in September, with the boxed set the following month.

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