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SERIES 19 FAN ART WINNERS Flooded with Incredible Art

Once again, we at are amazed at the talents of the good folks who frequent our site. I suppose we should be used to this by now, eh?
    Several weeks ago, in the Samurai Wars feature section, we announced a fan art contest. We received more than 50 entries total and, frankly, all of them were good. Since last week's entry deadline, a review group has been going over the entries and found the task to be herculean at best.
    As such, we have modified the rules a bit. Instead of three winners and several runners-up as we originally planned, we now have the following categories:

    • Three grand-prize winners, each of whom will receive
      a complete set of Series 19 action figures signed by Todd McFarlane.

    • Three first-place winners, each of whom will receive
      a single Series 19 figure along with another older action figure or two.

    • A dozen runners-up, each of whom will receive
      a signed Spawn comic book.

    Additionally, all winners AND everyone who entered the contest will have his or her artwork displayed in the Series 19 feature on as a show of respect for the hard work.
    The grand-prize winners were Michael Freeman, Tim Dang and Brian Driggers. Their artwork accompanies this story.

Michael FreemanTim DangBrian Diggers

    Brent Ashe, art director at Todd McFarlane Productions and one of the judges in the contest, had this to say about the winners: "It was difficult to pick just three main winners, all of the entries were really good."
    "Michael Freeman's entry had a real Spawn comic book feel to it that I enjoyed. Plus I liked that he didn't just redraw one of our photos, he created a new image with a cool perspective. Tim Dang's entry was really nice. I liked the Japanese-style simplicity of the image and the fact that it re-creates a key scene from the Samurai Wars mythos. Finally, Brian Driggers' rendition of Jyaaku the Nightmare was simply stunning. I liked the complexity of the drawing."
    To see all the winners and runners-up, click here to be routed to the Samurai Wars feature section.
    Thanks to everyone who entered the contest; you're all talented artists in your own right.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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