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Tour Culminates With Static-X Guitar Giveaway in Phoenix

Life on the road is tough. The hours are long. The summer sun is hot. The food is sketchy. Brain cells are lost. But there's something to be said for rocking out at Ozzfest every day with some of the best metal bands on the planet.'s trek across America with the traveling Ozzfest circus was both harrowing and enlightening. Ultimately, we informed a lot of people about the vast array of Spawn products, saw a lot of tattoos, body piercings and mullets, and had a blast.

    "It was totally a lot of fun," said Frank Ippolito, one of the road warriors. (If you met any of the guys on tour, Frank's the one with the cowboy hat, dyed blonde hair and mismatched socks.)

    "We met a lot of cool people, many of whom weren't really that familiar with our stuff," he said. "A lot of those people got pretty excited about some of the toys we have coming out this year."

    One highlight of Ozzfest was the Phoenix date, since that is's official stomping ground. We threw a bunch of free toys off each stage and held signups in the Spawn tent to win an autographed Static-X guitar.

    Fans mobbed the tent all day, eyeing the black Epiphone Flying V signed by each member of the band and complete with a tour-weathered Gibson hard case. We held the drawing at 5 p.m. on the main stage just before Static-X played.

    The winner? Joseph Krauss, 29, of Phoenix.

    Krauss came to the offices in Tempe the following day to claim his prize.

    "I am so stoked," was all he could say. He's a huge fan of both Spawn and Static-X, so it was a double-bonus. He was given a tour of the office and a bunch of toys to go along with his new guitar.

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