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McFarlane Wins First Grammy Award
His Work on Korn's "Freak on a Leash" Music Video Earns the Award

 Shots from Korn's 'Freak on a Leash' video
Todd McFarlane won his first Grammy Award in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon. The award was in the "Best Short Form Music Video" category for his work on Korn's "Freak on a Leash."

    "It's just amazing that we were nominated for our first two videos and it was an honor to win on our second," McFarlane said Wednesday. He was also nominated in 1999 for his work on Pearl Jam's "Do the Evolution" video.

    The Korn video won out over several other nominees, including Bjork, Lauryn Hill, TLC and Brian McKnight.

    McFarlane also won two MTV Video Music Awards for "Freak on a Leash."

    In the only unfortunate turn of events, Todd's luggage was lost on the flight to L.A. and he had to accept his award in jeans, a Spawn mock turtleneck and a suit jacket Terry Fitzgerald, president of Todd McFarlane Entertainment, bought for him in the hotel lobby. Fashion police take note!

    Find out more about the Korn video and our other projects in the Todd McFarlane Entertainment section.

McFarlane with Korn | Todd and Jake

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