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December 19, 2003
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If you thought the McFarlane Toys Jimi Hendrix figure was great, here is your chance to win the very guitar Jimi Hendrix is holding (an actual life-size working version, of course, courtesy of Fender), a special membership to the Experience Music Project, McFarlane Toys Hendrix figures and a complete CD catalogue of Hendrix music courtesy of Tower Records and Universal Music. McFarlane Toys, Fender Music, Experience Music Project and Tower Records have joined together for this special promotion that will add music to your life in 2004!

Experience Music Project, located in Seattle, is home to the world's largest collection of Hendrix memorabilia and is a one-of-a-kind music museum combining interactive and interpretive exhibits to tell the story of the creative, innovative and rebellious expression that defines American popular music. Featuring a world-class collection of artifacts, unique architecture by Frank O. Gehry, state-of-the-art technology and interactive presentations, EMP will encourage visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience the power and joy of music in its many forms.

Founded in 1946, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is an American icon. In that time, Fender's contribution to the evolving sound of contemporary music has been global and continuous. By introducing the first commercially viable solid-body electric guitar, the first electric bass and countless classic amplifiers, Fender musical instruments have left their mark on jazz, blues, country, rock and many other styles of popular music.

Enough reading, ready to slug it out for prizes? Great. Actually, no fisticuffs will be necessary. Just head on over to the contest section of to enter. Good luck.

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