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Part 4) Todd McFarlane: Spawning a New World
Todd, along with six other Marvel artists, founded Image Comics In 1991. Image gave the artists creative control, including all licensing and merchandising decisions. Spawn - which Todd had conceived in high school, was born. The first issue of Spawn, published in May 1992, sold 1.7 million copies - a record for independent comic books still held today.

Uninspired by the major toy makers' products, Todd created his own toy company. McFarlane Toys produced the first Spawn action figure in December 1994. Todd brought his eye for detail and realism to the venture, redefining the art of the action figure and raising the bar of the industry. Scoring major licenses in sports, movies, music and TV, McFarlane Toys is the fifth largest action figure company in the world today. The Spawn toy is now in its 29th series, a longevity rarely achieved in the action figure arena.

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53. PETA benefit book View Listen
54. First Spawn promotional art View Listen
55. Image Comics Spawn cover box logo View Listen
56. Spawn character: 2nd drawing View Listen
57. Billy Kincaid unpublished drawing View Listen
58. Spawn #5 unused page View Listen
59. Spawn #1 cover View Listen
60. Spawn #1 2-page spread View Listen
61. Spawn commercial storyboards, 3 pgs. View Listen
62. Spawn #1 cover, b/w reprint View Listen
63. Spawn interior art View Listen
64. Spawn #100 cover View Listen
65. Spawn #150 cover + 3 cover variations View Listen
Part 5) Todd McFarlane: Spawns a Legacy
Todd conquered his "four cornerstones" of a strong business foundation: comic books, toys, movies and television. Spawn, a feature film produced by New Line Cinema, opened August 1, 1997, grossing more than $100 million worldwide. HBO Television produced the multiple-Emmy-award-winning animated series, Todd McFarlane's Spawn from 1997-1999.

Today, Todd McFarlane is busier than ever. A new creative team has revitalized Spawn, which just passed its landmark 150th issue. Todd now has an eye on directing feature films, television and music videos.

For the man who was told, "No," more than 700 times before landing this first job penciling comic books, it's a very bright future.

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66. Todd talks about Spawn toys View Listen
67. Todd talks about HBO's Spawn Animation View Listen
68. Todd talks about Spawn live-action movie View Listen
69. Todd talks about new Spawn Animation View Listen
70. Upcoming Spawn comic books View Listen
71. New comic book announcement image View Listen
72. Future projects View Listen
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