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Part 1) Todd McFarlane: Learning the Trade
Todd McFarlane began collecting comic books as a teenager and spent many hours drawing superheroes, emulating the art of the great comic book artists of the age: John Byrne, George Perez, Marshall Rogers, Michael Golden, Art Adams and Walter Simonson. Also an avid athlete, he attended college on a baseball scholarship. When his dreams of a professional sports career didn't materialize, he pursued a career in comics collecting more than 700 rejection letters before his first big break: landing a job with Marvel/Epic Comics in 1984.
Name View
1. High school practice sketch View Listen
2. High school Spider-Man sketch, 1 of 3 View Listen
3. High school Spider-Man sketch, 2 of 3 View Listen
4. High school Spider-Man sketch, 3 of 3 View Listen
5. High school Spawn cover View Listen
6. College, early Spider-Man drawing View Listen
7. Spawn and Green Lantern View Listen
8. First Batman fan art View Listen
9. Editor submissions list college project View Listen
10. Letter from Sal Amendola; Batgirl submission View Listen
11. Rejection letters View Listen
Part 2) Todd McFarlane: Becoming a Pro
Todd began to learn the comic book business, making a name for himself and working his way to the top of Marvel's artist roster pencilling Scorpio Rose and The Incredible Hulk. His unique style, attention to detail, and commitment to quality became his trademarks as he honed the skills that would make him a legend to legions of comic book fans. He proved himself on such titles as Infinity Incorporated, Batman and The Amazing Spider-Man.
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12. Scorpio Rose cover comp View Listen
13. Scorpio Rose, p. 27 View Listen
14. Valda mini-series #1 p.13 View Listen
15. Valda mini-series #1 p.4 View Listen
16. Scorpio Rose cover View Listen
17. Infinity, Inc. #18 View Listen
18. Hulk, #344 p.18 View Listen
19. Hulk #342 cover sketch View Listen
20. G.I.Joe #60, cover; unpublished View Listen
21. Quasar #14 View Listen
22. Phantom Force #3 cover View Listen
23. Phantom Force, Jack Kirby signed View Listen
24. Satan's Six, Jack Kirby orig. inked by Todd View Listen
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