McFarlane Toys

Hello and welcome to the mini-feature on the recent whirlwind McFarlane invasion of Hong Kong.
    Several McFarlane staffers, most notably Todd himself, ventured to Asia to meet face to face with our employees there and tour the production facilities. All McFarlane Toys action figures are produced in Hong Kong, in incredibly efficient manufacturing operations.
    The pictures and video clips below are meant to give a quick overview of our facilities in Hong Kong and the people who make it happen. More importantly, we have volumes of source video and photography for the massive "Making of a McFarlane Toys action figure" feature we've had in the works for some time.
    When it goes live in roughly 6-8 months, it will detail the A-to-Z creation of an action figure, from concept sketch to packaged product and everything in between. In the meantime, enjoy the photos from our Hong Kong odyssey.